International Women's Day

IIT Bhilai celebrated International Women's Day on campus. Keeping in mind this year's theme a caption writing competition was organised on the theme “choose to challenge". All the female faculty and staff participated enthusiastically in this competition.

The event began with a talk by Ms. Hao-Yu Lu, the Chinese Language Instructor at IIT Bhilai. Having worked across countries, Ms. Hao-Yu Lu shared the various challenges that she has observed faced by women and discussed some of the ways to tackle these challenges.

The chief guest of the occasion, Mrs Rajni Moona, former IT Head at IITBNF, gave an inspiring speech reiterating that women have to come out of their comfort zones and challenge their limits to be on a par with men. Dr. Dhriti Sundar Ghosh, Associate Head, Department of Physics, also spoke on gender equality and said that the world must change the way we perceive women and appreciate their invaluable contribution.

The session concluded with a video discussion on this year's theme and a token of appreciation was given to all female employees as an expression of gratitude for their relentless commitment.

Message From Director

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