Internal Complaints committee for a tenure of a year. The commitee comprises

S. No Name Designation
1 Dr. Asrifa Sultana, Asst. Professor, IIT Bhilai Chairperson
2 Dr. Sonal Jha, Asst. Professor, IIT Bhilai Member
3 Dr. Dhriti Sundar Ghosh, Asst. Professor, IIT Bhilai Member
4 Dr. Archana Parashar, Associate Professor, IIM Raipur Member

The terms of reference for the committee include the following.

  • The committee shall act as per the provision of the said act.
  • The committee shall maintain a convenient channel of communication such that women can complaint without any undue pressure.
  • The committee shall keep its proceeding confidential.
  • The committee shall take proactive steps in creating awareness/counseling to aid in the prevention of sexual harassment of women.
  • The Committee may invite a female member of student community in case the matter relates to the students (or) a female member of staff in case the matter relates to the staff members.
  • The Committee shall make and submit an annual report to the Institute in regards with the complaints and action taken by them.

What is sexual harassment?

Unwelcome acts or behavior with sexual undertones (whether directly or by implication) including

  • physical contact and advances
  • a demand or request for sexual favors
  • making sexually colored remarks
  • showing pornography
  • any other unwelcome physical, verbal, or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature

These are criminal offenses (link)

Power of position may be abused by perpetrators of sexual harassment through

  • implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment
  • implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment
  • creating an offensive work-environment

Some other criminal offenses

Apart from the grave criminal offense of Rape, following acts are also punishable under law:

  • Voyeurism: watching or capturing an image of a woman engaged in a private act (link)
  • Stalking: following a woman, contacting (or attempting to contact) a woman despite a clear indication of disinterest by the woman; monitoring the use of the internet by a woman (link)
  • Exhibitionism: Word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman (IPC Section 509 - link)

References:(1) Handbook on Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace(2015) by Ministry of Women and Child Development, GOI; (2) Web-pages of Women's Cells at JNU, IITB, IISER Pune, U Oregon, Georgia Tech., IIT kanpur

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