Robo Carnival - 2018

The 1st ever Annual Robotics Competition of IIT Bhilai - ROBO CARNIVAL - 2018, by The Epsilon Club, is going to be held on Sunday, 15th April, 2018 in the Academic Block, IIT Bhilai.
This will be Intra Institute, INTER - DEPARTMENTAL Batch competition. The complete details, theme, time schedule, Game Rules, Terms & Conditions, etc. has been mentioned in the brochure attached. The Evaluation pdf (Points, Bonus & Penalties) would be shared later.
To participate, give your names before 20/03/2018 to your team representatives (After reading the Terms & Conditions in the brochure):
CS17 - Aniket Raj
EE17 - Shreyam Chandra
ME17 - Ishaan Shrvastava
CS16 - Bharath Varma
EE16 - Udit Kushwaha
ME16 - Prakhar Singh Binwar
There is NO LIMIT in the number of members in a team (can be only 5 or whole batch of 40). You can look at the
Participation Sheet here. For queries, contact the undersigned.
Robo Carnival - 2018

Message From Director

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