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Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Bhilai
Tel: +91-8349523224

Areas of Interest

  • Internal Combustion Engines; Alternative Fuels (Biodiesel, Alcohols, HVO)
  • Diesel Emissions and their Control
  • Unregulated Emissions from Diesel and Gasoline Engines
  • Aftertreatment Devices; Fuel Spray and its Characterization


  • PhD, 2016, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India
  • MTech, 2009, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, India
  • BE, 2006, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur

Past Experience

  • Dec 2015 – Aug 2016: Postdoc fellow at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Nantes, France
  • Sep 2016 – March 2018: Postdoctoral Researcher at the Division of Combustion Engines, Lund University, sweden.

Awards and Honors

  • Young Scientist Award-2018, International Society for Energy, Environment and Sustainability.
  • Postdoctoral fellowship at Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France under ERASMUS MUNDUS Partnership scheme, 2015.
  • Appointed as Senior Research Associateship (Pool scientist scheme), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (India) from 1st March 2014 to 30th November 2015.

Selected Publications

  1. P.C. Shukla, S Shamun, L Gren, V Malmborg, J Pagels, M Tuner, Investigation of Particle Number Emission Characteristics in a Heavy-Duty Compression Ignition Engine fueled with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO), 2018, SAE Technical Paper 2018-01- 0909.
  2. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, A.K. Agarwal, Performance evaluation of a biodiesel fuelled transportation engine retrofitted with a non-noble metal catalysed diesel oxidation catalyst for controlling unregulated emissions, Journal of Hazardous Materials, (2017).
  3. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, N. Gupta, A.K. Agarwal, A qualitative correlation between engine exhaust particulate number and mass emissions, Fuel, 202 (2017) 241-245.
  4. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, N.K. Labhasetwar, R. Khobaragade, N.K. Gupta, A.K. Agarwal, Effectiveness of non-noble metal based diesel oxidation catalysts on particle number emissions from diesel and biodiesel exhaust, Science of The Total Environment, 574 (2017) 1512-1520.
  5. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, N.K. Labhsetwar, A.K. Agarwal, Trace metals and ions in particulates emitted by biodiesel fuelled engine, Fuel, 188 (2017) 603-609.
  6. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, N.K. Labhsetwar, A.K. Agarwal, Development of low cost mixed metal oxide based diesel oxidation catalysts and their comparative performance evaluation, RSC Advances, 6 (2016) 55884-55893.
  7. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, A.K. Agarwal, Evaluation of Lanthanum Based Diesel Oxidation Catalyst for Emission Reduction with and Without Ceria Support, in, SAE Technical Paper, 2016.
  8. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, N.K. Labhsetwar, A.K. Agarwal, Physico-chemical speciation of particulates emanating from Karanja biodiesel fuelled automotive engine, Fuel, 162 (2015) 84-90.
  9. P.C. Shukla, T. Gupta, A.K. Agarwal, A Comparative Morphological Study of Primary and Aged Particles Emitted from a Biodiesel (B20) vis-à-vis Diesel Fuelled CRDI Engine, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 14 (2014) 934-942.
  10. A.K. Agarwal, P.C. Shukla, J.G. Gupta, C. Patel, R.K. Prasad, N. Sharma, Unregulated emissions from a gasohol (E5, E15, M5, and M15) fuelled spark ignition engine, Applied Energy, 154 (2015) 732-741.


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