Placement Procedure

The following steps should be followed in order to initiate the placement process in IIT Bhilai:

 1. The company should send a mail to the Centre for Career Planning and Services (CCPS) at showing an interest in the placement activities.

 2. The company should register in the company registration webpage which can be accessed at the following link.

 3. They should mention the job description, probable CTC, targeted engineering disciplines and other necessary requirements for the students by filling the Placement Notification Form.

 4. The company should then fix a suitable date for Pre-Placement-Talk in consultation with the CCPS office, IIT Bhilai (preferably in August). We encourage companies to visit IIT Bhilai for Pre-Placement-Talks. The company can not only interact with the students but also to see the various facilities available in IIT Bhilai.

 5. The company can conduct Online/Offline tests for the screening students.

 6. Interview date to be finalised with the CCPS office.

 7. List of selected students provided to the CCPS office.


 1. The results for the placement drive will be only announced through the CCPS office.

 2. The companies are requested to contact the CCPS office at the earliest to confirm their slot for the placement activities here.

Message From Director

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