One-day workshop: Expectations of Industry and Society: A Case of IIT Bhilai

IIT Bhilai organized a one-day Workshop – “Expectations of Industry and Society from an IIT: A Case of IIT Bhilai” on 10th June, 2018 at Bhilai Niwas, Civic Center Area, Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Delegates from local industry, educational institutes and government organizations participated in the workshop. The main idea behind the workshop was to bridge a relationship between IIT Bhilai and local industries so that activities like collaborative projects and mutual research can be initiated and a connection is established between IIT Bhilai, local industries, governments and society.

Prof. Rajat Moona, Director, IIT Bhilai along with other dignitaries, senior executives and managers from local industries, and renowned academicians from top institutes in and around the region attended the event. There was an active panel discussion during the workshop, where the panellist were Shri Ketan M. Shah (Director, Simplex casting Ltd.), Shri Virendra Dhawan (DGM, Bhilai Steel Plant), Shri Ankit Anand (Managing Director, Chhattisgarh State power distribution company limited (CSPDCL)), Prof (Dr) Nitin M. Nagarkar, (Director, AIIMS Raipur), Prof. Rajat Moona, (Director IIT Bhilai) and Shri Alex Menon (CEO, Chhattisgarh Infotech Promotion Society (CHiPS)). During the panel discussion session, Prof. Rajat Moona highlighted the need to intensify collaborative R&D efforts, conduct capacity gap assessment and to create enabling environment for attracting talent pool. Virendra Dhawan said that ‘IIT Bhilai’ and ‘Bhilai Steel Plant’ can collaboratively work on solving the problems related to corrosion and strength of material which can be useful for products such as Rails. Sri Ketan Shah suggested that IIT Bhilai should also focus on the research activities, which are of immediate requirement of industries of Chhattisgarh. Sri Ankit Anand mentioned the prevailing problem of iron and fluoride content in water, biodiesel formulation where contributions from IIT Bhilai can be of immediate help to the society. Prof (Dr) Nitin M. Nagarkar suggested that in current contexts organisations like AIIMS and IIT Bhilai must collaborate to achieve results, as an example, potential areas of radio therapy for imaging, delivery of targeting agents, prosthetic implants etc. The workshop also included a session where the faculty members of IIT Bhilai showcased the current area and status of research being carried out in the institute.

Message From Director

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