Naming competition for features of IIT Bhilai campus

The development of the permanent campus of IIT Bhilai has been taken up by L&T Construction, and their progress is in full swing. The Main Campus Construction Team of IIT Bhilai organised a naming competition for the landmarks and buildings at the new campus. The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from students and employees who suggested unique and novel theme-based names. The participants had to suggest suitable names for various buildings, water bodies and key places within several hostels, academic and residential buildings like the Engineering Department Buildings, Science Department Buildings, Central Instrumentation Facility, Library and Data Centre, Lecture Hall Complex, Hostels, Mess Block, Sports Facilities, Residential Towers, Water Bodies, Meeting Halls etc.

An expert committee evaluated the submissions made by the competing teams. Team 22 comprising of Vikas Kumar Sahu, Tomesh Kumar Sahu and Sumit Singh Rajput won the naming competition and will receive a sum of Rs 20,000. The 1st runner-up was Surendra Singh Rathore who will receive a cash award of Rs 15,000, and Team 24 comprising of Rachuri Sri Pramodh and Amiay Narayan were 2nd runners-up and will receive Rs 10,000. Director, IIT Bhilai announced the list of winning teams in the presence of the evaluation committee members and participants and the names of the buildings shall be shared soon.

Message From Director

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