Faculty Member: Dr. Asrifa Sultana

Research Overview: The main research focus of Nonlinear Functional Analysis section is on Fixed Point Theory, Quasi Variational Inequality Problems and their applications to Optimization Problems, Nash Equilibrium Problems and Electricity Market Model. The search of an equilibrium in a market or an exchange is an important problem in mathematical economy. The Nash equilibrium problems are known to be quite difficult to treat from the computational point of view and consequently a reformulation to variational inequalities is often used to solve Nash equilibrium problems. We have introduced a new concept of equilibrium, namely “Projected Nash Equilibrium” and derived the existence of such equilibrium for a non-cooperative game. Moreover, we have considered a pay-as-bid electricity market model that naturally leads us to introduce the concept of projected Nash equilibrium. Our aim is to look for more precisely to the possible influence of such solution on the modelling of electricity markets.

Cinque Terre

Electricity Market Model

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