Basic Life Support (BLS) Training Session at IIT Bhilai

IIT Bhilai organised a training session for Basic Life Support (BLS) information for students and employees. Training session was started with a welcome ceremony whereProf.RajatMoona, Director IIT Bhilai; Dr. Ajay Kumar Mishra, Head of the Department, Emergency Medicine, NH-MMI Hospital Raipur and Dr. M.J. Memon, Medical Officer, IIT Bhilai were welcomed.

Basic Life Support training at IIT Bhilai included safety instructions for in-house and on-road emergency conditions. BLS training involved instructions and remedial information for emergency situations such as of sudden burning, neck and spine injuries, nose bleeding, cardiac arrest, brain stroke, seizures, sports injuries etc. in case of pre-hospital and in-facility environment.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Mishra and his supporting team have also conducted a practical session for emergency lifesaving training skills. Several students have participated in the practical session of BLS. They also trained students for emergency situations like snake bite, scorpion sting, Drowning and choking. This workshop provided a good opportunity to student to learn some of the very important lifesaving skills.

Message From Director

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