Research Interest

  • Analog, digital, and mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design.
  • Low-noise, High dynamic range (HDR), and High-speed System-on-a chip (SOC) CMOS Image sensors.
  • Bio-inspired sensors like silicon based ratina.
  • Advanced pixel sensors like TOF (3D imaging), DVS (Machine vision), and DoF.
  • Noise modeling and reduction techniques for time variant systems.
  • CMOS based RF oscillators.
  • Data-converters.
  • Semiconductor memories.

  Academic Background

  • Ph.D. from Electrical Engineering Department, Image sensors lab, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.
  • M.Tech. from Electrical Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.
  • B.E. from Electronics and Instrumentation Department, SGSITS, Indore.

Past Experience

  • 2019-20: Staff Engineer, CMOS Image Sensors- Analog Design Team, Samsung R&D Institute India - Bangalore, India.
  • Aug-December 2012: Project Research Assistant, University of California-Riverside, California, USA.
  • 2010-12: Faculty member in Electronics and Communication Department, Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, India
  • 2008-09- Design Engineer in Electrical Department, Dar-Al-Handshah, Pune, India

Publications: Please see the list available here.

Ongoing Technical Activities

  • High-resolution, low-noise, high-speed SoC CMOS image sensor for 2D vision sensing.
  • Time-of-flight 3D camera for depth sensing with higher spatial resolution.
  • Human ratina based CMOS image sensor. This is a collaborative work with Dr. Chetan Thakur, Assistant professor at IISc Bangalore.
  • Fractional-order filter design with IC level implementation. This is a collaborative work with Dr. Avishek Adhikari, Assistant professor at IIT Bhilai.

Internship Opportunity

Internship opportunity is available throughout the year for various projects (existing, future). Please send me an email with subject "Internship Application: Your Name". Students with EE/ECE/Instrumentation background can apply.


  • PhD: Positions are open. Interested and eligible candidates can send CV @
  • MTech: Positions are open for IIT Bhilai, M.Tech. students.
  • M.S.: Positions are open for IIT Bhilai, M.S. students.
  • BTech: Positions are open for IIT Bhilai, B.Tech. students.

    You can also contact me @ Linkedin. or

Message From Director

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