We are ITIS that stands for – Information Technology and Infrastructure Services. It is a single point of contact to get IT support and services at institute. It supports to academics affairs, administration, residence, guest house and hostels at the institute. It is known as the "NUCLEUS" of IIT Bhilai.

ITIS provides seamless gigabit network connectivity to the entire campus. ITIS ensures seamless functioning of all the IT related functions like Network Connectivity and Internet, computer labs, LDAP, conferencing, email services, Technical support, Smart ID Card biometric services, VOIP etc.

The Institute has two state-of-the-art computer laboratories used by students, staff and faculty members for their computing needs.

The Institute has two high speed Internet links provided by National Knowledge Network and BSNL respectively. IIT Bhilai is a part of National Knowledge Network (NKN) under which all the national level institutes are connected via the high-speed fiber network The hostels are connected through campus-wide LAN and provide Wi-Fi links to students to use. Entire campus of IIT Bhilai is Wi-Fi enabled and students can use the network seamlessly across various facilities.

Message From Director

IIT Bhilai is striving for research-driven undergraduate and postgraduate education. Our objective is to create an education system with multifacet outcomes including research, entrepreneurship, technical leadership, and above all, responsible citizenship. Read More


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