Internship Invitation

The following steps are to be followed to initiate the internship process by companies:

1. The company should mail the Centre for Career Planning and Services (CCPS) placement cell at and provide us with their requirements by filling the Internship Notification Form.

2. CCPS will circulate these requirements internally to the students and then we will forward you the list of students along with relevant information as per the need of the company.

3. The company should then provide the final shortlisted students and can conduct test/interviews as per the hiring process.

4. Finally, the Internship is offered to the students.


Our students are available for internship opportunities twice every year 

  • Winter Internships (December - around 4 weeks)
  • Summer Internships (May to July, around 12 weeks)

We encourage students to intern right after their second year of Engineering.

Message From Director

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