74th Independence Day at IIT Bhilai

The 74th Independence Day was celebrated at IIT Bhilai with patriotic fervour. Prof. Rajat Moona, Director, IIT Bhilai, hoisted the tricolour flag at the academic block while everyone gathered around proudly sang the national anthem. A synchronised parade by the security guards further infused the audience with a patriotic spirit of oneness that has held this country together through the recent dark days experienced by the world over.

Addressing the audience, Prof. Rajat Moona paid tribute and homage to the great souls who sacrificed their lives for the nation’s independence. In the address he highlighted the contributions and achievements of IIT Bhilai towards the national development of science and technology, ensuring a continuous education and growth throughout the pandemic period using innovative means of communication while ensuring the welfare of the students.

During the event, Mr. Bipul Choudhary, Assistant Registrar, recited several captivating poems on Desh Bhakti by renowned personalities, while the entire IIT Bhilai fraternity reverberated to the mellifluous songs of Dr. Sreejith T. V., Asst Professor, IIT Bhilai. The audience also took part in an exciting India quiz that was applauded with great spirit, with the festivities ending with a tree plantation ceremony, led by the Prof Rajat Moona, Director IIT Bhilai, at the GEC transit campus. The entire event was streamed live on Youtube for those who were unable to attend.

Message From Director

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