NSS-IIT Bhilai organized a “HEALTH AND SAFETY WEEKEND” in the institute. The two-day event held on January 18-19 2020 was in collaboration with the health center of IIT Bhilai. Doctors and Officers from various departments were invited during the weekend.

Safety weekend was started with the CPR workshop that was organized by Dr. Ajya Mishra (Dept of Emergency Medicine) from MMI hospital, Raipur. Many useful life-saving techniques were discussed and the demo was also given.

Mr. D. Shravan IPS who is an IPS officer (SP of Raipur) addressed the students at the campus and informed the students regarding the various perils in the society. In his talks, he discussed regarding the various issues that our society is facing now. He enlightened on various topics such as women's safety, crime prevention and the impact of corruption on citizens.

Apart from this, the students got information regarding Fire Safety Presentation. Mr. M.N. Khan, Superintendent of Police, the Fire department gave a presentation about various firefighting techniques. It was followed by his demo on our ground. The students, guards and housekeeping staff of the institute got hands-on training on various fire safety measures.

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