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Medical Reimbursement

As per the Institute rules (CS(MA)), kindly follow the below link for more details.

Medical Booklet

IIT Bhilai Administration Section issues medical record book to each individual Student.

IIT Bhilai Administration Section issues medical record book to Employees and their dependents as per the institute policy.

It is MANDATORY to bring Medical Book to avail medical treatment/referral letters at the Institute Health Center.

To avail medical treatment at empanelled hospitals, a formal referral letter issued by AMA at the institute health centre is compulsory.

Medical Bill Process time

It will take 7 working days to process the bills from the Health Center after submission.

In case of emergency Medical reimbursement rules.

• Send an email to health centre with in 24hrs (

• Concerning to the reimbursement and processing of the bills, following documents are mandatory.

1) Discharge summary original stamp & signature of Hospital authority with Invoice No./GST.

2) Emergency Certificate from the Hospital.

3) Prescriptions of medicine bills.

4) Bills should clearly indicate the break-up of charges for various diagnostics/ investigations, minor procedures etc.

5) Declaration: If the spouse is working in IIT Bhilai or other Govt. organization, shall submit the Declaration.


To bring patients from campus quarter/hostel to IIT Bhilai Health Centre in an emergency like heart attack, bleeding, paralysis, breathlessness, fracture, pregnancy, shock and such other cases, at the discretion of the AMA.

Referrals: Referrals can be issued ONLY during the Health Centre timings.

Medical Reambursement Rules for Students:

  • IIT Bhilai providing Medical reimbursement facilities for students as per the institute norms according to C.G.H.S (Central Government Health Scheme) rates.
  • In case appointed doctor deems fit that the concerned patient need to consult a specialist, the institute shall reimburse 80% of doctor’s fee only, if the concerned doctor is on institutes panel of selected doctors.
  • If medicine prescribed by the specialist are not available at the institute’s dispensary their cost will be reimbursed at 80% of the total amount.
  • Institute shall reimburse 100% costs for common pathological tests of blood, urine and stool. While for other tests only 50% of the cost shall be reimbursed as per the CGHS rates.
  • After completion of treatment from Institutes AMA/CMO, OPD, specialist doctor medical reimbursement should be submitted to the institute for reimbursement within 30 days and for indoor patient it should be submitted within 90 days otherwise it will be barred.
  • No reimbursement or medical claim will be entertained from student away from campus (leave/vacation)
  • For such treatment like Dental/Eye/Skin only the cost of medicine will be allowed as per the institute norms

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