A gatekeeper training on suicide prevention program

A gatekeeper training on suicide prevention program was conducted in collaboration between AIIMS Raipur and Health Center, IIT Bhilai at the institute on 28th Sept. 2019. During this, Dr. Lokesh Kumar Singh, Associate Professor of Psychiatry department, AIIMS, Raipur with his team discussed various mental issues and the reasons which could lead to suicidal intentions. During this program, the team also brought awareness about various mental disorders and the trend of their incremental behavior in our society in recent years. The team also presented how to recognize these indications and intentions in our society. These indicators help in the early recognition of suicidal tendencies which could help members of IIT for the recognition and cure of these disorders in the early stages itself so that they could minimize these suicidal cases in our society. Meanwhile, various misconceptions about the mental disorders and suicidal related issues of the students and faculty members were cleared by the expert

Message From Director

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