A fire training session was conducted at IIT Bhilai by Mr. S G Mohd. (Sr. Technical Fire Officer) from Chhattisgarh State Fire Service on 20th May 2019. The main objective of the training was to understand the major causes of fires in the workplace, preventive measures, and vigilance regarding fire hazards.

The exercise conducted by Chhattisgarh State Fire Service was a comprehensive training with presentation followed by firefighting demo for faculty, staff and students. Mr. Mohd. shared statistics regarding the causes and effects and damages caused in the country. He also reiterated that while informing the Fire brigade, one should clearly mention the cause of fire as methods of fire extinguishing method varies as per the cause. He further detailed out the Dos and Don’ts to be kept in mind like usage of stairs instead of lift, fire extinguishing methods, evacuation and safety practices to minimise asphyxiation and conflagration.

The training was proactive effort taken by IIT Bhilai to create awareness regarding efficient usage of fire safety devices in the institute premises, so as to have a safe evacuation in case of any exigency and minimise loss of life and property.

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