Donor Scholarships/ Awards

IIT Bhilai offers few prestigious donor scholarships/awards for its undergraduate students. These awards are sponsored by individuals who wish to encourage the young students of IIT Bhilai to achieve academic brilliance. These scholarships/awards are valuable resources for students to achieve recognition for their intellectual capabilities and hard work. The institute and its student community are indebted to these generous donors for their kind support in the early days of the institute.

This Award has been instituted with kind support from Smt. Sharda Jain from the session of 2018-19. The award consists of a Cash Award of Rs. 50,000/-along with a gold plated silver Medal for a meritorious B.Tech. student who completes 4th semester of study in the discipline of either EE or CSE.

This Award has been set up with kind contribution from Dr. Rana Ghosh-Roy from the session of 2018-19. The scholarship will be awarded to one B Tech. 1st year student. The scholarship amount will be INR 50,000, awarded in two instalments.

A student from unreserved category with a maximum annual family income of INR 4,500,00 (INR 4.5 Lakhs) will be eligible for the award. In the absence of IIT Bhilai's CGPA ratings for the first semester, a candidate from the first semester would be chosen from the IIT Bhilai's entrance examination merit list who satisfies the above annual family income criteria. The second instalment of the award shall be payable in the second semester of study, provided that the same candidate obtains IIT Bhilai's CGPA ratings 8.0 or above at the end of the first semester.

Donor Scholarships/ Awards

IIT Bhilai also cordially invites individuals or organisations to become a part of its fraternity and sponsor scholarships/awards for its students. The donors, in close consultation with the institute, are free to decide the name and the eligibility criteria for the scholarships/awards they are funding. Kindly contact our honourable Director, Prof. Rajat Moona, for expression of interest or queries about Donor Scholarships and Awards.

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