Dr. Dhriti Sundar Ghosh
Ph.D. (ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona, Spain)
Assistant Professor, IIT Bhilai

Areas of Interest :

Dr. Ghosh mainly works in the field of thin films and interfaces with particular focus on its application in energy-efficient photovoltaic devices- mainly organic and perovskite solar cells.

Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh
Ph.D. (Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata)
Assistant Professor, IIT Bhilai

Areas of Interest :

Dr. S. Ghosh is involved in theoretical research of high energy physics. His main focus is to understand the spectral and transport properties of Quark Gluon Plasma, whose temperature is of the order of trillion degree Kelvin. Hadronic physics is another zone of his interest.

Dr. Sudhanwa Patra
Ph.D. (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad)
Assistant Professor, IIT Bhilai

Areas of Interest :

Dr. Patra’s research is in Theoretical High Energy Physics, Astro- Particle Physics and Cosmology with specialisation in Neutrino Physics and Grand Unification of fundamental forces. He has contributed significantly in the area of Particle Physics and Astro- Particle Physics, particularly, in understanding the new Physics signal beyond the Standard Model, which includes left-right symmetric models, Pati-Salam theory of SU(4)_C color and SO(10) GUT in the context of testable neutrino mass generation mechanisms, dark matter, baryon asymmetry and Large Hadron Collider prospects.

Dr. Sesha Vempati
Ph.D. (Queen's University Belfast, UK, 2012)
Assistant Professor, IIT Bhilai

Areas of Interest :

Time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy and bulk optoelectronic properties.

Areas of Interest :

Dr. Devi’s research interest lies mainly in the area of nonlinear optics and photonics. Her research work is primarily focussed on optical parametric oscillators and nonlinear frequency conversion sources from the ultraviolet to the deep mid-infrared, and further extending to the terahertz, in all time scale from continuous-wave to ultrafast femtosecond. This includes generation, detection and application of radiations. Her research interest also includes cost-effective frequency comb generation.



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