Some of the state-of-the-art facilities in these labs comprise of the following equipment

  1. Digital Storage Oscilloscope up to 200 MHz
  2. Mixed Signal Oscilloscope up to 500 MHz
  3. Function Generator 25 MHz
  4. Programmable DC Power Supply Triple output
  5. Dual Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer
  6. Low Noise Current and Voltage Preamplifier
  7. LCR Meter from 20 Hz to 2 MHz
  8. Source-Measure Unit
  9. PCB Printing Machine
  10. IR Camera
  11. Transformer & Rotating Electrical Machines Experimental Setup
  12. Embedded boards like Basys3, Zyboz7, Kintex, Zynq
  13. Vector Network Analyzer
  14. Double Beam Spectrophotometer UV 2600 with accessories
  15. Solar Module Analyzer
  16. UV Ozone Cleaner
  17. HOLMARC Spray Pyrolysis
  18. Opal RT Grid Simulator, DFIG Generator Unit, PV- Emulator -Inverter
  19. Artificial Intelligence Robotic Kit with Jetson Nano Development Board
  20. IoT Development Kit (Raspberry pi, ODROID, Arduino, LoRa boards)

Message From Director

I am pleased to extend my greetings to students and their parents as well as colleagues near and far. IIT Bhilai was established on 7 August 2016. We are located in Chhattisgarh, the rice bowl of India, in a state rich in natural resources as well as cultural memory and heritage. Read More


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