Message from the Head

Prof. Santosh Biswas
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai

The department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) was formed at IIT Bhilai in April 2018, by merging the departments of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

The department strives to prepare its students to be independent and innovative. The environment of the department is conducive to academic growth of its faculty and students. The department offers B.Tech., M.Tech. and Ph.D. programs in two disciplines, namely in the discipline of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The objective of department is to equip students with techniques to become providers of innovative and indigenous solutions.

Discipline of Computer Science and Engineering

The programs in the discipline of CSE are designed to start exposing students to the advanced areas of profession in the very first semester of their program. B.Tech. students get exposed to programming in the first semester. M.Tech. and Ph.D. students start exploring areas of their interest in the first semester to carry it forward for research.

Discipline of Electrical Engineering

The discipline of EE has been striving towards providing a vibrant atmosphere for students in diverse areas of Electrical Engineering. Its programs are designed to prepare students for technical excellence.

IIT Bhilai has a fractal system of education where a fractal segment is two and a half week long and there are 6 fractal segment in a semester. Students are exposed to an area through course typically covering over one or two fractal segment while full semester courses take students to the depth of the course. The program structure provides freedom to a student to choose elective courses in areas of interest from his/her own department or from another department.

Message From Director

IIT Bhilai is striving for research-driven undergraduate and postgraduate education. Our objective is to create an education system with multifacet outcomes including research, entrepreneurship, technical leadership, and above all, responsible citizenship. Read More


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