Message from the Head

Dr. Sanjib Banerjee
Assistant Professor
Head of Chemistry Department
Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai
E-mail: sanjib.banerjee[at]

The Department of Chemistry, established in August, 2016, is one of the 6 Departments of IIT Bhilai. The department is committed to engage in high quality research and pursuit of excellence in teaching. It offers institute core courses and departmental electives for undergraduate B.Tech. and postgraduate M.Tech. students of Engineering in the Institute. It also offers a two years M.Sc. programme and a Ph.D programme in Chemistry. Major thrust is in the areas of inorganic and organometallic chemistry, polymer chemistry, halide perovskite solar-cells, bionanotechnology, photoactive metal-organic hybrid materials, theoretical and computational chemistry, total synthesis and antibiotics, molecular dynamics simulations and bioinformatics.

The Department has distinguished faculty members, trained at renowned Institutes in India and abroad. The faculty members attract substantial financial support for their research activities from both governmental and private agencies. Several members of the faculty have been awarded medals/prizes for distinction in their areas of research. The faculty members have also been active in organizing scientific meetings/workshops from time to time and they are being invited to deliver lectures at various national and international conferences and symposia. The Department offers a vibrant atmosphere to nurture the spirit of scientific inquiry and to pursue cutting-edge research in a highly encouraging environment.

For any queries, please contact Dr. Sanjib Banerjee, Head, Dept. of Chemistry, IIT Bhilai (email id:

Message From Director

IIT Bhilai is striving for research-driven undergraduate and postgraduate education. Our objective is to create an education system with multifacet outcomes including research, entrepreneurship, technical leadership, and above all, responsible citizenship. Read More


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