Celebration of Periodic Table at IIT Bhilai

It lives in a world and a world lives in it. These words are very true, when we consider The Periodic Table. Periodic table, is an iconic figure in science. It is a symbol of human endeavor. It is a symbol that depicts, how mother nature has created everything from handful of elements and how these handful of elements are arranged in a well-defined manner. Periodic Table has space for all the elements known to us as well as for those which will be discovered in future. In the year 1869, the Russian chemist Dmitri Ivanovic Mendeleev published his research on systematic classification of elements, which is now known as “The periodic table”. This year, it completes its 150 years. At the same time, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has completed its 100 years. To celebrate these occasions, IUPAC, United Nations, and UNESCO have declared the year 2019 as “The International year of Periodic table”. Throughout the world, including our Country India, this year is being celebrated in one way or other to recognize the importance of Periodic Table. At Indian Institute of Technology Bhilai, it is celebrated on 6th April 2019, in the name of “Workshop day for Celebration of Periodic Table - 2019”. Around 12o school students from Kendriya Vidyalaya, CISF, Bhilai, and Krishna Public School, Dunda, Raipur participated in the event. Prof. Rajat Moona, Director of IIT Bhilai, addressed the students and explained them the importance of Periodic Table. The Chief Guest of the event and Key Note Speaker, Prof. V. Chandrasekhar, Centre Director of TIFR Hyderabad explained the origin and importance of Periodic Table through several interesting and relevant stories. Prof. Kallol Kumar Ghosh, Pt. RaviShankar Shukla University explained the connection between Mendeleev and India in his talk. Apart from these two talks, there were demonstration of amusing chemistry experiments, such as Silver Tree, Potato as Battery, Chemical Garden, Elephant’s toothpaste, electro-chemical writing, chemical volcano, and posters on various topic, such as “Origin of Elements in Early Age of Universe”, “Chemicals in Human Body”, and “Chemicals in Kitchen”. There was also a quiz for the participating students. All the students enjoyed the day and learnt from the event.

Message From Director

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