Faculty Members: Dr. Sanjib Banerjee

Research Overview: The main research focus of Organic/Macromolecular Chemistry Section is on functional polymer synthesis, surface chemistry, nanomaterials and materials science. Synthetically we are utilizing numerous modern polymerization techniques in combination with the post-polymerization modification techniques to prepare polymer based advanced materials for emerging applications. With the development of a powerful synthetic toolbox, we are extending and pushing the current limits of organic/polymer chemistry. Our work involves material design, molecular characterization and prototype device fabrication. Extensive research is done in the field of carbon capture and recycling, biodegradable polymers and multi-stimuli responsive polymer for biomedical applications.

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Faculty Members: Dr. Arup Mukherjee

Research Overview: The main research focus of Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry division is the development of novel metal complexes based on earth-abundant metals and application of these well-defined complexes for small molecule activation and in catalysis. The newly synthesized metal complexes will be characterized by all the standard analytical techniques, such as single crystal X-ray diffraction study, NMR, IR, elemental analysis etc. After complete characterization, the complexes will be explored to activate small molecules such as N2, O2, CO2, and H2. The developed metal complexes will be used for important organic transformation reactions as well.

Moreover, with the aim of contributing new chemistry to fuel, the department will pursue projects on CO2 reduction and corresponding transformations. Reduction of CO2 to CO has the potential to remediate the greenhouse gas while providing a chemical fuel. In addition to this, our effort will be expanding the Organometallic Chemistry beyond its catalytic application to the Materials Chemistry with an interdisciplinary approach.

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Faculty Members: Dr. Satyajit Gupta

Research Overview: The main research focus of Physical/Materials Chemistry Section is on ‘solar energy harvesting' through the utilization of band-gap engineered organic/inorganic composite hetero-architectures. Soft-chemical methodologies are flowed to fabricate those architectures. Characterizations of those smart systems and understanding the fundamental properties are an integral part of this research. Diverse tools are used to understand and build a structure-property relationship towards beneficial solar-energy harvesting and utilization purposes. Extensive research is done in the field of photovoltaics, conducting carbon based catalyst, and photo-electrochemical properties of the as-synthesized hierchical inorganic structure development.

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