Blood Donation Camp

A Blood donation camp was organized by the NSS (National Social Service) society of IIT BHILAI, on 22nd September 2019. This camp was organized in association with Ramkrishna Care Medical Care Pvt. Ltd. Students actively participate in various physical activities and are often healthy and fit, which makes them suitable for being blood donors.

As we know, blood is an important constituent of the human body, and in many cases due to the shortage of blood, the external blood supply is required for the treatment. So, healthy individuals are encouraged to donate their blood which is preserved in the blood banks for emergency blood requirements. The individuals have to meet a specific set of criteria that involve their Weight groups, and the history of diseases suffered from.

The camp started at 10:00 am and continued till 5:30 uninterruptedly. A total of 91 people donated their blood to this camp, making it a success.

Message From Director

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