Academic Calendar

An academic year starts in the month of July each calendar year and ends in the month of June of the next calendar year. Each academic year is divided into three semesters – Monsoon, Winter and Summer semesters. The Monsoon and Winter semesters are two regular semesters each running for approximately 4 months while the Summer semester is a shorter semester running for a month.

The Senate-approved schedule of academic activities for a session, inclusive of dates for registration, examinations, mid-semester breaks etc., shall be laid down in the Academic Calendar for the session and published here.

2024-25: 2024-25-M
2023-24: 2023-24-M | 2023-24-W I 2023-24-S
2022-23: 2022-23-M | 2022-23-W I 2022-23-S
2021-22: 2021-22-M | 2021-22-W I 2021-22-S
2020-21: 2020-21-M | 2020-21-W I 2020-21-S
2019-20: 2019-20-M | 2019-20-W I 2019-20-S
2018-19: 2018-19-M | 2018-19-W | 2018-19-S
2017-18: 2017-18-M

Message From Director

I am pleased to extend my greetings to students and their parents as well as colleagues near and far. IIT Bhilai was established on 7 August 2016. We are located in Chhattisgarh, the rice bowl of India, in a state rich in natural resources as well as cultural memory and heritage. Read More


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