IIT Bhilai --- Pioneering a New Era

With your entry IIT Bhilai takes birth. You are the pioneers who will blaze the trail for IIT Bhilai. You will be part of this great journey in building a new institution, this is not just an institution, it is an IIT. The joys, tribulations, the make and breaks in this journey will provide you the treasure trove of memories that you will never forget. The vision of IIT Bhilai will be articulated as you move forward on this journey. Of course the vision will include scholarship, excellence in research, passion for technology, and service to the nation.
As mentor IIT (namely, IIT Hyderabad) we wholeheartedly welcome you to this journey, journey of learning and journey of building an IIT. Our joy resides in your joy, in your happiness and in your success.
Our endeavor will be to provide you world class education, instill in you the spirit of innovations, the spirit of scientific inquiry, the spirit of technology creation, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Our endeavor will be to provide you an ambience for uninhibited thinking.
We at IITH, have developed a very innovative academic structure, referred to as Fractal Academics which we believe is the first step in creating an experiential learning ambience. Fractal academics enables a lot more flexibility in the academic program. You have departmental core courses in the very first semester and this will hopefully create an excitement in you to pursue research, develop new technologies and possibly be entrepreneurs. At the center of Fractal Academics is the concept of T-education -- breadth and depth. The fundamental idea is to atomize the credits to enable you to get breadth in a large number of courses and depth in the courses of your choice.
Of course we have some basic expectations from you; hard work, commitment to your task and integrity. There will be avenues for fun and frolic, for cultural activities and sports activities. But do not let your focus drift --- keep the focus and do not get distracted by plethora of opportunities that IIT Bhilai will offer.
Once again, as Director of the Mentor IIT Hyderabad, I welcome you to IIT Bhilai. I wish the best of times for you at IIT Bhili and that you will be successful in all your endeavors -- academic and personality development.